Sell Your Car

How To Sell Your Car Privately in Perth, WA?

Car recycling and selling are tough jobs. And that’s why most people recommend doing it with cash for scrap cars companies. They provide the most reliable service. From removal to towing, they take care of everything. But still, some people like to take the command into their hands and sell the car privately. And if you are one of those, this blog is for you. We have created a step-by-step guide to tell you what you need to sell your car on your own. Use this guide and sell your car in WA in no time.

Make Your Car More Presentable

You pay a high price when you buy a car because it is new and looks more presentable. The price of an asset rise when you make it more presentable. This way, you can expect to negotiate with the buyer.

Take Care Of The Minor Repair

Before advertising the car:

  • Take and look and check the area of improvement.
  • Fix the minor dents and scratches.
  • Contact a local mechanic, and they will tell you what to do.
  • Make sure you do not spend too much on it as you have to sell it in the end.

Clean The Interior

It is not only what is outside but also the inside that matters. Before selling the car:

  • Clean it well from the interior also.
  • Remove all your things from it.
  • Ensure that you do not leave any paper or other documents.

It is best to cross-check everything.

Give It A Wash And Wax

After that the repair is done, clean your car. This will give it a new look. This is also important to get nice pictures for posting it online. Go for a local car wash, so you do not have to travel long after the wash.

Prepare The Documents

The buyer can ask for it anytime. Selling a car is a legal process. That is why it needs proper documentation. You have to keep all the documents ready with you. And you have to keep it ready from your side.

Do You Have Your Inspection Certificate?

You will need an inspection certificate if you sell it to a secondhand car dealer. This certificate is issued three months after registration. This document ensures that your car is inspected and does not do any harm to the environment. The seller may ask for it while checking the car. So it is better to carry it.

Give The Proof That You Own The Car

A car title is a must-have paper. This shows that you are the car’s owner and have the right to sell it. Make a list of the essential documents needed to sell the car and attach this one. This is the first thing that a seller can ask while buying.

Give A Record Of The Car History

From the time you bought the car till now, what has been the condition, you have to show it. This is not necessary, but it helps o negotiate better with the seller. If you have a record of everything, it shows that you took good care of the car.

Advertise It

Now that your car is ready, it is time to show it in the market. This means that you have to advertise it. The first thing you can do is click pictures of it. Make sure to take good-quality pictures of both the interior and exterior. Avoid showing dents and scratches unless it is a big one. Then choose the online platform to advertise it. You can go for Facebook Marketplace. The traffic is huge, and you can find local people willing to buy your car.

Arrange A Meeting For Show Up

When you find a potential customer, you can arrange a meeting with them. During this, you can discuss the features, performance and other things. They can also ask for a test drive; you have to offer them that.

Negotiate The Price And Cles The Deal

The final step is negotiation. This may take time and effort. All you have to do is use your persuasion skills and close the deal. Remember that you can get many buyers, so do not settle for less.